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Kingdoms of Peru Private Departure

Kingdoms of Peru

Meet Dr. Alva, the discoverer of the Lord of Sipan (the Tutankamon of the Americas), spend time with the archeologists researching the Lady of Cao (The oldest female ruler of a Kingdom in the world), get private access to newly discovered archeological artifacts and mommies not on display, enjoy superb wildlife encounters at Ballestas Islands and at Chaparri Reserve, including birding for endemics and spectacle bears. Enjoy close contact with locals. Try and learn Peruvian cuisine. This program has it all and will open your mind to a fascinating world few know. This is one of our fastest-growing expeditions, one that you should not miss. The most complete and well-paced expedition to the southern and northern coast of Peru, including the history, culture, and natural history of the destination. Extensions to the Titicaca Lake, Lima Colonial, Amazon, and Machu Picchu.

Kingdoms of Peru

The expedition will first explore the southern coast of central Peru. Here we will meet the Paracas and Nascas, some of the most advanced ancient civilizations of the planet. You will also experience the Colonial period, the much important Afro Peruvian culture, and the natural history of the area. Superb cuisine, cooking classes and close contact with locals will add much fun to the complete days we have planned.

We will then fly to the northern coast of Peru, the land where the Mochicas and Chimu cultures flourished. It is here that we will find the richest archeological discovery of the Americas, the Lord of Sipan, only comparable to Tutankhamun, and Chan Chan, the biggest mud citadel of the world, which at its peak, housed over 100 000 inhabitants.

The north is covered by the Equatorial Dry Forest, one of the most threatened habitats of the world. A paradise for birders, full of endemics and where the award-winning Chaparri Reserve is located. We will spend two days at Chaparri and will also bird watch at Tinajones and Pomac Forest.

Itinerary in Brief

Getting there:

Your expedition package does not include your international flight ticket. The latest that you should arrive in Lima is during PM on day 1. It is never a bad idea to arrive a day or two earlier. New Paths Expeditions will be glad to arrange extra hotel overnights and activities.

Day 1: Arrive in Lima

Most ights from the US land in Lima after 8 pm. Upon arrival, you will be met by our representative and escorted to Casa Andina Private Collection Mira ores Hotel.

We have selected this 5-star hotel because of its location, just blocks away from lively Parque Kenedy, the heart of Mira ores district. A short stroll away you can nd many great restaurants, the wonderful Mercado de Surquillo -where most great chefs buy their fresh products and the best and biggest arts and crafts market in South America.

Overnight: Casa Andina Private Collection Mira ores Hotel (Meals aloft)

Day 2: The Southern Coast

After breakfast, the day begins with a drive through the Southern Coastal desert of Peru, crossing fertile valleys and oasis.

After the very interesting 2 hours and 45-minute drive, we will visit El Carmen town, the heart of the Afro Peruvian community of Peru. Afro Peruvians are an important component of Peru’s identity.

Later on, we will enjoy lunch at the beautiful Hacienda San Jose, built during the seventeenth century. This was the heart of Colonial cotton production and of the slave trade of the time, considered as one of the last colonial architectural treasures in the Peruvian coast.

After lunch, we will explore Hacienda San Jose before driving for an hour to the Paracas Bay, where we will lodge at Hotel La Hacienda. A fine dinner with Pisco Sours included follows.

Overnight: La Hacienda Bahia Paracas (B, L, D)

Day 3: The Nasca Lines, The Paracas Pre-Inca Culture, Pisco, Paso Fino & more.

After breakfast, we will drive 20 minutes to the Pisco airport to embark in one of the most enigmatic experiences in the world, an overflight over the Nasca Lines.

The lines started to be drawn 4000 years ago by the Paracas pre-Inca culture, but it was 2000 years ago when the descendants of the Paracas, the Nascas used the 12000 square mile desert plateau as a canvas to draw thousands of lines, including 10 mile straight lines, trapezoids, triangles, and spirals. For reasons unknown until now, at the intersections of these lines they draw many zoomorphic complex gures.

Our 1 hour and 30-minute flight will take us to enjoy good sightings of the most elaborated gures of the Nasca and Palpa plateaus. At the last, you will be able to observe the anthropomorphic gures -believed to be drawn in the early stages- including that known as the astronaut.

After this unique and unforgettable experience, we will drive 30 minutes to the Julio C. Tello Museum.

We will then continue to the beautiful Tacama vineyard and factory, the best in the country, to learn the secrets of the production of Pisco –the Peruvian traditional spirit, similar to brandy- in a more than beautiful setting. There, we will also enjoy lunch followed by a Peruvian Paso Fino horse show and a Pisco and wine sampling session.

We will then return to the hotel to enjoy the coast of Peru and freshen up before dinner. Overnight: La Hacienda Bahia Paracas (B, L, D).

Day 4: Ballestas Islands, Natural History Paradise, and Pachacamac.

We will start the day with a 2-hour speed boat excursion to the Ballestas Islands, part of the Paracas National Reserve, Peru’s largest coastal wildlife sanctuary. The Islands are home to thousands of resident and migratory sea birds, including several endangered or threatened South American species. We will be looking for Red-legged Cormorants, Guanay Cormorants, Peruvian Pelicans, Band-tailed Gulls, Inca Terns, Humboldt Penguins, Otters, and South American Sea Lions, among many other species. It is truly a great natural history experience, and this time of the year, blue skies promise superb photographic opportunities.

We will then drive back to Lima arriving in time for lunch at Hacienda Los Ficus where you will be in contact with nature, with horses being bred in the pasture while enjoying typical Peruvian avors.

After lunch, we will drive only 4 miles to the Pachacamac Pre-Inca and Inca remains in the Lurin Valley. This is a huge adobe citadel, where, in pre-Inca times, the oracle Pachacamac was consulted and later, under Inca conquest, it became the main commercial and administrative city in the coast of South America and where Wiracocha, the sun god was adored. The brand new site museum is superb, and we will also visit the main sites of the 4 square mile remains.

After the visit, we will drive one hour or so to Lima.

Overnight Casa Andina Private Collection. B, L (Dinner on your own. Your leader will propose great options)

Day 5: Culinary and Pre-Inca Lima.

After a leisurely breakfast, we will visit a very well kept market, located over the Lima cli that overlooks the beautiful Lima bay. There we will see and taste and learn about the impressive array of local products including potatoes, fruits, seafood and others that together with local creativity have shaped Peruvian cuisine into one of the nest of the world.

We will then drive for 20 minutes to a private culinary experience local where you will learn to prepare and taste in small portions multiple avors from all over Peru. This is truly a feast!

After the Peruvian cuisine complete experience, you will have free time to shop at the huge Handicraft Market of the city, walk at the heart of the lively Mira ores district, visit LarcoMar shopping mall that overlooks the Lima bay and has superb Alpaca and Vicuna shops, or just relax at the hotel. There are many options at walking distance for you to enjoy thanks to the great location of our 5-star hotel.

Dinner will be enjoyed today at Huaca Pucllana, a beautiful restaurant located overlooking a well restored and beautifully illuminated pre-Inca temple right in Mira ores district. A perfect way to say goodbye to Lima, the “City of the Kings”

Overnight Casa Andina Private Collection. B, L, D

Day 6: To Chiclayo, North of Peru.

In the morning, we will drive to the Lima airport and y north, 1 hour, to Chiclayo. The ight is beautiful, providing great views of the “Cordillera Blanca” mountains, a massive that includes Huascaran, the highest peak of Peru. Upon arrival, we will check in at the Hotel Casa Andina Select, the best hotel in town, and enjoy lunch.

In the afternoon, we will visit Tucume, a complex of 26 pyramids of the Lambayeque culture located in the middle of a beautiful Equatorial Dry Forest, one of the most endangered habitats of the world.

Upon arrival we will walk around some of the pyramids, understanding the cultures of Northern Peru. We will also visit the site museum before moving to Horcones Hotel and Restaurant.

Overnight Casa Andina Classic. B, L, D.

Day 7: Bosque de Pomac & the Lord of Sipan Museum

Early in the morning, we will drive one hour to Pomac forest, a reserve that combines some of the best-preserved patches of Equatorial Dry Forest, providing great birding for endemics.

The forest is dotted with dozens of ancient pyramids belonging to the Sican culture, descendants of the Moche. The site was rst excavated in 1978 by the Japanese archaeologist and anthropologist Izumi Shimada, but it wasn’t until 1992 that his team discovered a tomb of an elite member of Sican society. From this grave, 1.2 tonnes of precious metals in the form of jewelry and religious artifacts were removed, now stored in the National Sican Museum.

Upon our early arrival to Pomac, we will birdwatch for endemics, including the endangered Peruvian Platcutter, Long-tailed Mockingbird, Fasciated Wren, the delicate Amazilia Hummingbird, and the tiny Tumbes Tyrannulet.

We will then continue with some people to people experiences and crafts shopping. An opportunity to see the Pre-Inca pyramids from an overview point will provide great photographic opportunities.

Back in Chiclayo, we will enjoy lunch at Fiesta Restaurant, considered one of the best in the whole country and Latin America. Some consider that the best ceviche in the world is served here!

Later we will return to the hotel and enjoy time to freshen up before departing to visit the Lord of Sipan Museum.

After the complete Lord of Sipan experience, we will enjoy dinner at a basic but traditional restaurant while enjoying a traditional “Pena Nortea”, our rst exposure to the music and dances of the north coast of Peru. This is a night of fun and celebration!

Overnight Casa Andina Classic. B, L, D.

Day 8: Chaparri Reserve.

After breakfast, we will drive two hours to Chaparri Reserve, the greatest communal conservation project in Peru. Along the way, we will stop at Tinajones reservoir where we may nd Great Grebe, Black-faced Ibis, Chilean Flamingo, waders and other water birds.

Upon arrival at Chaparri, we will check in, enjoy lunch and meet the local rangers.

Chaparri is a true natural history highlight of South America. The Ecological Reserve is a private community- owned and managed protected area that encompasses some 38,412 hectares, covering an altitudinal range from 150 m to 1350 m, which contain a range of habitats, including semi-desert, sparse dry forest, lowland Prosopis- dominated forest, and foothill dry forest. It is home to 21 species of mammals, and 126 species of birds – with 46 endemics, being White-winged Guan, feared extinct for nearly a century, the best prize of the reserve.

In the afternoon we will enjoy a comfortable hike along the “Huachuma” trail, where we may nd several Tumbesian endemics and other birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and where we will analyze the ora of the unique ecosystem. The walk should be crowned with a good sight of Spectacle Bears.

In the evening, and after dinner, a night birding walk follows, along the main track, looking for Scrub Nightjar, Pacific Pygmy-Owl, West Peruvian Screech-Owl, and endemic insect species.

Overnight Chaparri Ecolodge. B, L, D.

Day 9: Chaparri and back to Chiclayo.

We will start the day near the lodge, watching hummingbirds bath in the stream. After breakfast, we will embark on another hike looking for wildlife and enjoy lunch at the lodge.

In the afternoon we will drive back to Chiclayo with birding and panoramic stops along the way. Overnight Casa Andina Classic. B, L, D.

Day 10: Lady of Cao and Trujillo

Today we will drive south, towards Trujillo. Lunch will be enjoyed at the old and charming coastal town of Pacasmayo, one of the countries world famous sur ng spots.

We will then continue crossing deserts and valleys until reaching Cao. It is here that the Lady of Cao was discovered. We will visit the archeological site and first class museum and meet the researchers.

After Cao, we will drive to the colonial city of Trujillo, one of the rst Spanish cities in South America, and where the Spanish Conqueror, Francisco Pizarro, first disembarked. We will check in at the fine Casa Andina Private Collection hotel.

Dinner will be enjoyed at the hotel tonight.

Day 11: Trujillo: UNESCO Chan Chan, Arcoiris, Cooking Class and Huanchaco Ree Rafts.

After breakfast, we will visit Chan Chan, the biggest mud citadel of the World, known as the “Machu Picchu of the North”.

We will then continue to Huanchaco beach, where we will enjoy a Cebiche and Pisco Sour cooking class at the best restaurant in town, with great ocean views.

After lunch, we will walk to the beach to meet local shermen and their “Caballitos de Torora”.

We will return to the hotel to freshen up. During the good light hours, we will visit Trujillo main square to photograph the beautiful colonial center (We have arranged a small surprise for you during that time), before dinner at the classic members-only Club Central, where the leading members of Trujillo’s society have been gathering for a century. It is located inside the beautiful Iturregui Palace.

Overnight Casa Andina Private Collection. B, L, D.

Day 12: Huacas del Sol y la Luna. Farewell Lunch. Transfer to Airport. Fly the US.

In the morning we will visit the Temples of the Sun and the Moon, remains of the capital city of the Mochicas, the most ancient culture that ruled the north.

We will first visit the small, but well displayed Moche Huacas museum, which has an architectural design that represents the building traditions of the Moche culture.

Then, we will be impressed with the visit to “Huaca de la Luna”. In English “Pyramid of the Moon”, is a masterpiece of human creative genius. Its 12,000 square meters of polychrome murals are an outstanding example of the construction techniques that the Moche mastered.

After the visit, we will enjoy a wonderful lunch of modern Peruvian delicacies before transferring to the airport to fly to Lima and connect with ights back home.

NOTE: Late checkouts have been requested to the hotel and will be confirmed closer to the departure date.


Casa Andina Private Collection – Miraflores, Lima 5*

With a strategic location in the heart of Miraflores, the Private Collection Miraflores has been designed to express the local flavor with all the amenities, facilities and services of a first class hotel. The Private Collection Miraflores provides an unmistakable local style, and includes an exquisite collection of contemporary art, which along with valuable colonial antiques, decorates the rooms and common areas.

La Hacienda Bahia – Paracas: Pisco, Ica 4*

It is located on the shores of the beautiful Bay of Paracas. Luxury and simplicity blend perfectly. Every room has been designed to provide a comfortable stay and the opportunity to experience the tranquillity of life on the bay. The restaurant, o ers the best view of the bay. Multiple activities are available, from a good spa to water adventure sports, including sailing, fishing and much more.

Casa Andina Select – Chiclayo, Lambayeque 3*

This hotel is the refurbished Hotel de Turistas Chiclayo. A landmark of the city, it o ers its visitor center of the city Location, just minutes from downtown and the airport.

This is a modern and functional hotel, with spacious common areas, terrace, pool and event areas. distributed in 7 floors. Internet center, Wi-Fi and ATM are just some of the services that are o ered to customers. AC Included.

Chaparri Eco-Lodge – Chaparri, Lambayeque. Basic Lodge.

Chaparri Ecolodge is located in the dry forests of northern Peru. It provides a tranquil escape in a spectacular landscape of the foothills of the Andes, with excellent wildlife viewing. It is a communal award-winning project. Even though basic, the sta is truly warm. The 6 Rooms available are clean, feature en suite bathrooms, solar hot water, and electricity. Food is served on a simple terrace. A stream pool and hammocks are available. No AC (One night stay).

Casa Andina Private Collection – Trujillo. 5*

This is a hotel with 147 rooms, distributed in 14 levels, that proposes, through its architecture and decoration, the integration of the Pre-Inca culture symbols and the modern design. This five-star hotel has an ideal location at the entrance of the Golf Urbanization, providing our guests with easy access from the airport and the city center. Internet Center, high-speed Wi-Fi, Fitness Center (open 24 hours), swimming pool, hair salon, and spa are part of the amenities. AC included.

Costa del Sol Wyndham Airport Hotel Lima.

Most international flights to Lima arrive during the late PM. The Lima Airport hotel makes it easy to take the early flights the next morning. The hotel is only a short walk from the gate, and using this hostelry will spare you a 1 to 2-hour drive to the city. The hotel includes a full range of leisure facilities: 24/7 restaurant, bar, and spa. The rooms are modern and very comfortable.

Aranwa Sacred Valley Cusco 5*

Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Spa is built on the banks of the Vilcanota River, on the lands of an old colonial hacienda of the 17th century, just one hour and a half from the city of Cusco, and 30 minutes from the train station in Ollantaytambo, en route to Machu Picchu. The hotel rooms are decorated in Colonial, Modern, and Minimalist styles. The gardens, restaurant, bars, and spa are some of the best in the whole country.

Inkaterra Pueblo Machu Picchu 5*

Inkaterra luxury Machu Picchu Hotel is located one of the most bio-diverse spots on Earth. Composed of 81-casitas, the hotel resembles an Andean village secluded in 12 acres of cloud forest. The hotel includes a Spa, first-class restaurant and a large living room filled with fire-places. Natural history activities are included, such as world-class birding excursions, visits to the hotel s Orchid Garden (the biggest in-habitat orchid garden in the world!), walks through the tea plantation, and much more.

Casa Andina Premium – Cusco

Casa Andina Premium Cusco is strategically located and beautiful hotel just a few blocks from the Main Square, ideal place to initiate visits of the surroundings, cultural walks to the tourist places more known like the Cathedral of Cuzco or the convent Santo Domingo and to discover the charms of the historical center. It has 93 rooms that are characterized by a personalized service and all the comforts that our guests may need with free extras like: bu et breakfast, free Wi-Fi, restaurant and bar, concierge service, room service, among others.

Belmond Andean Explorer

There are many different options for train travel in Peru, yet there nothing is quite like the luxury of the Belmond Andean Explorer.

With spacious cabins, decadent furnishings, a piano bar, library and observation carriages (plus delicious food prepared by incredible chefs), it really is something else. As a result, you will experience the best of Peru in utmost comfort, luxury and style.

The Belmond Andean Explorer travels through many di erent areas of Peru including Cusco, Lake Titicaca, Arequipa and Puno.

Titilaka Lodge

Located on a tranquil bay of Lake Titicaca with some of the most amazing views of the lake, this all-inclusive first-class lodge has only 18 ample suites (booking in advance is important to secure your reservation). Service is impeccable, and all excursions, meals, and beverages are included. The lodge has a spa, multiple terraces, as well as kayaks and bicycles for exploration. Titilaka Lodge is a destination in itself that should not be missed.


Included in Land Cost:
  • Services of New Paths Expeditions in-house support team.
  • Complete Pre-Departure documents.
  • Services of a NPE Local Guide during the expedition.
  • Services of English-speaking local guides
  • All ground transportation (including airport transfers) in 1 to 3-year-old vehicles with professional drivers.
  • Accommodations as noted (The best available at each destination).
  • All sightseeing, entrance fees, and visits as noted.
  • Meals as noted.
  • Water at included meals, transfers and tours.
  • Services of transfer assistants, drivers, and local sta .
  • Gratuities for luggage porters, transfer assistance and restaurant staff.


Not Included:
  • International Flights.
  • Excess baggage charges.
  • Gratuity for Head Guide, Driver and Expedition Leader.
  • Personal expenses and incidentals, such as, but not limited to, phone calls, e-mail, and laundry.
  • Trip cancellation, travel delay, and baggage loss insurance.
  • Charges incurred as a result of delays beyond the control of New Paths Expeditions.


Deposits and final payments:

To guarantee your space on this expedition a deposit of US$ 1500.00 is required at the time of booking. The remaining expedition cost will be charged 120 days before the expedition begins.


“After 20 years of traveling, we never learned so much and had as much fun as with you guys!”
Jack N. Douglas-CO

“Our three expeditions with you were spectacular! We’ve just never had such wonderful travel experiences as with New Paths. We will get around praising you!”
Harriet T. Saugerties-NY

“NPE always provides excellent expedition guiding services where ever in the world we go. They attend to every detail, and NPE always has surprising added elements that are delightful. The best!”
Charlene P. La Jolla-CA

“Well planned, good local guides, top expedition leader. The trip far exceeded all expeditions.”
Frederic K. Orange-CA

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