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Our Leaders & Guides

Senior Leaders & Guides who represent NPE on each destination:

Helder Brandão – Pantanal

A Biologist native of Brazil, Helder is one of the prominent leaders of the Pantanal conservation success story. His long career includes multiple conservation and social reconciliation projects, and even the creation of the Management Plan of the outstanding Dona Aracy Reserve. With over 15 years of experience as a senior naturalist and an impeccable record of excellent reviews, he guarantees the highest levels of content during the expedition. Helder is a favorite among our guests.

Diogo Lucatelli – Pantanal

With a solid background on ecology and natural resources, Diogo studied Biology at Bahia Federal University, one of the most renowned academies of Brazil, and connected directly with ecotourism activities coming to the Pantanal region to work as a naturalist guide in 2011. His skills on zoology, animal behavior, botany, animal tracking, ecology, birding and photography turned him into a Head Naturalist Guide in a short period, but he has also acquired a great experience as Field Biologist/Guide/Tracker at Onçafari Jaguar Project. With a great talent to deal with people, solve problems and tell stories, Diogo has all the qualifications to inspire people on his trips to attach with nature and commit to Conservation.

Juan Ortiz – Colombia

Half British and half Colombian, Juan is an expert, and truly passionate, birder and naturalist. Juan has eight years of constant exploration of all corners of Colombia, developing new and in the country, in partnership with New Paths Expeditions. Juan is a great wildlife photographer, a superb travel companion and the perfect Master Naturalist for Colombia.

Hernán Arias – Colombia

Hernan is a Colombian Biologist with more than 15 years of experience working with birds and various forms of wildlife. Hernan lead birding and wildlife tours for over 10 years all over Colombia, he is one of the most experienced and talented birding and wildlife guides in the country and loves nothing more than to go out and show the natural wonders of his native country.

Besides guiding Hernan has also worked as a researcher and consultant for birding and ornithology projects, He is also a keen photographer and bird sound enthusiast.

Daniel Catania – Tierra del Fuego – Patagonia

Dani Catania is an expert with more than 20 years of experience guiding people through his native Patagonia. His passion for nature, expertise in the mountains, and love of his home has led him to explore some of the most challenging regions in the world. The best part of having Dani as your guide, besides his knowledge and charming persona, is that he is part of the living history of this area. His stories of the history and culture will give you a deep understanding of this unique region of South America.

Francis Kyaligonza – Uganda

After completing secondary school, Francis decided to pursue a career in tourism and completed a Diploma in Tourism, Tours and Travel. He furthered his experience by working for 3 years as a driver, he then moved onto working and driving tours for a guesthouse in Entebbe run by the Nuns/NGO until 2007.  Since 2007 Francis has been driving and guiding safaris in and around Uganda for various safari companies and has gained extensive knowledge as a general interest Tour Guide.

Francis enjoys interacting with people and has a great sense of humor and one never sees him without a smile on his face. Francis is very passionate about Uganda.

Habibu Muhereza – Uganda

Habibu was born in the Bushenyi district of Uganda and is of the Munyankole tribe. He worked as a teacher for a few years and then decided to follow his love of animals and became an Uganda Wildlife Authority guide. His work with UWA as a ranger and interpretive tourist guide gave him the opportunity to get to know all of the parks in Uganda. With hard work and dedication, he was appointed head UWA guide for Queen Elizabeth National Park. He loved his work in this park because as well as being able to work every day managing the wildlife, he was also able to educate his local community (Bushenyi district is on the boundaries of Queen Elizabeth National Park) on the proper conduct of living alongside their neighboring wildlife residents. He has completed the USAGA (Uganda Safari Guide Association) tourist and guiding course, the recommended defensive, and 4wd course and also guiding and birding courses in Queen Elizabeth, Kibale Forest, and Bwindi Forest National Parks.

Jerry Dong – China

Born and raised in the gorgeous environs of Dali, Yunnan, Jerry moved away from his quiet hometown in Southwest China to attend university in Beijing. He graduated from the prestigious Beijing Foreign Studies University with a degree in English and Tourism Management and immediately went to work as an English speaking tour guide in Beijing. Jerry’s reliable and well-organized style makes him an ideal host for Beijing – he can whiz you through a city of 17 million people in a seamless and relaxed manner! While Jerry misses Yunnan’s cuisine and impressive mountains, he feels at home in Beijing’s urban jungle and has fallen in love with the capital’s old alleyways. Whether you are coming to Beijing for a few days or two weeks, Jerry is ready to give you an insider’s glance at China’s most fascinating city.

James Delaney – South Africa

Born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1971, James Delaney studied in Grahamstown and Cape Town, and now lives and works in Johannesburg.

James describes himself as an artist and an optimist, and as the co-founder of Mojo Media (SA’s largest specialist tourism publisher) his experience and knowledge span across a diverse range of disciplines, including the tourism, arts, and creative media sectors. Under the direction of James, Moja Media has built up a stable of high quality, well-designed tourism guides, including Moja Heritage Collection, Portfolio Collection, and Joburg Tourism’s Ultimate Guide. He has a unique insight into the culture and heritage attractions around the city, having worked with several of them over the years, including Constitution Hill.

He is well-known for his love of the city of Johannesburg and curated the AFAR Experience from the United States to the city, introducing a select group to the arts, cultural and political scene of the city. He will lead you down the rough and cool backstreets, where the gritty scene gives way to an architecturally striking landscape, rich in history and alive with art, food, shopping, and interactions across social divides. James has close ties and connections with many of those ‘in-the-know’, from artisans to artists, craftsmen, and the ‘who’s-who’ in the retail and foodie worlds, and will take you on a journey of discovery, guaranteed to pique your curiosity.

Dawit Girma – Ethiopia

Dawit was born in Arbaminch which is one of the beautiful touristic destinations and the door to Omo valley tribes in the southern part of Ethiopia. He started working as a local guide in his home town and to the Omo valley, later moved to the capital city Addis Ababa to join the renowned tourism Institute of the country to be a professional tour guide. He graduated in Tour guide, Tour operation Supervision, and Tourism management. He has been working as a professional tour guide since 2008 on a freelance basis. Since then, He has been leading and guiding various tours throughout Ethiopia.

He has a BA degree in history with great distinctions and a diploma in sociology. Studying the related fields of study has also helped him deliver the ultimate lifetime experience of his beautiful country for the last twelve years to all tourists who traveled throughout Ethiopia with him. He has been leading tours throughout Ethiopia for the last twelve years.

He will welcome you and show you the most unforgettable authentic experience of The Land of Origins.

Perez Kamukuenjandje – Namibia

Perez was born in the northeastern part of Namibia and, although his parents originated from different parts of the country, he grew up in a large family of Herero speakers. As he enjoyed learning about the desert environment and he is especially good with people, he very quickly found himself moving into the field of guiding and spent the next three years on that and constantly improving his knowledge.

He has extended his knowledge into all parts of Namibia and also into parts of neighboring countries; he has gained hugely in experience and exposure to a wide variety of discerning visitors, and he has completed a number of the formal Namibian National guide training courses that are available.

Perez is a natural entertainer who is in great demand as many of those that have traveled with his return for a second (or third) safari – but only on the condition that he can be their guide again. Perez has great knowledge of the natural world which he loves to share with his guests and the lively intelligence and wit that makes him a fascinating guide and traveling companion. He has taken several groups through the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park as well as bringing guests up from Cape Town, and dropping others in Livingstone or Victoria Falls. He is a great enthusiast who has proved to be a significant asset to the company. He has great involvement with his children and tries to pass on his own love for nature and the environment.

Angel Cárdenas – Peru

Angel has a degree in Tourism from San Antonio Abad del Cusco University, in Perú. He was born and raised in the high Andes, where his interest in the flora and fauna of the puna began.

Angel has been a guide for his native country for more than 20 years and has led tours in Cuba and South America. He is popular among tour participants for his organizational skills, amazing sense of humor, and interactional skills. He’s adept at spotting birdlife, photography and loves local history and culture. Adding to his history and cultural knowledge is a true dedication to the guest.

George Davila – Peru

George Christopher Dávila Flores is native of the city of Iquitos. He has higher technical studies and started the tourism career at 18 years old. He is an Official Tourism Guide and specializes in the observation of neotropical birds and also takes nature photography.  He has 25 years working in tourism and dedicated part of his life to the study of birds, registering species both in tropical forests and in urban areas. He likes to travel around Peru and participate in the different workshops, interpretive talks, and Bird Congress that help him grow professionally.  As a Naturalist he dedicates himself to the protection and conservation of the environment through the knowledge of Birdlife. His great challenge is to promote birdwatching in the northern jungle of Peru and create citizen awareness in the conservation of the environment by getting to know its birds.  He has worked in different tourist hostels along the Amazon River teaching its beautiful nature and its birds.