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Our club members are the elite of today’s travel world. All of them are truly experienced third world travelers, and have access to members-only discounts, by-invitation-only expeditions, and receive upgrades and fine touches during our expeditions.

We created the New Paths Club not only to reward our regular travelers but also as our effort to guarantee our loyal explorers that they will explore with like-minded travelers.

Would you like to become a member?

Club membership is by-invitation-only. All its members match the following criteria:

  • Experienced third world travelers
  • Wish to explore remote and raw destinations
  • Expect truly complete itineraries
  • High quantity and quality of content during the expeditions are a must
  • Expect the greatest wildlife encounters and close contact with local cultures
  • Expect the best accommodations and transport available, and are OK in roughing it for a night or two in the gain of the ultimate nature and/or cultural experience
  • Take any cultural differences and third world realities with an open mind and sense of humor
  • They do not intend to change local ways, even if those are against their own beliefs. They understand that when exploring, one is there to observe, learn and enjoy with respect.
  • Travel abroad once or twice a year, or more

If you match the criteria above and would like to travel with like-minded explorers and access the multiple benefits the club grants, please fill in the form below. We will contact you very soon.

New Paths Expeditions Club

We look forward to hearing from you!

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